Everest Gray Creative/Entrepreneurial/Design Sample @2023

The Canary in the Coal Mine Musical by Everest Gray ©2022

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Everest Gray LIVE from Trace Brewery

Everest Gray LIVE from Market Square

Everest Gray LIVE from the USS Requin

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Everest Gray is a new Pittsburgh artist making Indie-Rock music for her small dog, and salty teenage girls who wish they were born in the 90s.

Everest Gray is a new Pittsburgh artist making Indie-Rock music for her small dog, and salty teenage girls who wish they were born in the 90s.

A one women force of nature, Everest's expansive discography capture's the rawness of a heartbroken teenaged diary, with introspective lyrics, intricate melodies, and era-blending vibes that can easily fit in the background of any setting or thrive as the main event.

Everest is a featured artist and the album cover designer of 91.3 WYEP's Reimagination 10, which includes her original Outsider's View: a deceptively soft indie song with a soulful, rock twist. Outsider's View took home Carnegie Library’s “Song of the Year” award, received radio airtime, and has garnered over 1000 Spotify streams. Through this process, Everest bonded with Rick Witkowski, producer of Outsider's View, who has produced Oscar winning, Emmy winning, and Billboard top 100 projects. She has since released Until I Thought it Through: a strong-willed, driving groove with a melody that never gets out of your head. Her and Rick are still working together, with plenty of singles up their sleave and plans for a long-form project soon.

She has most recently been seen performing with the Eds, Bigfoot, and Corduroy at Trace Brewery. Some interesting recent gigs include Auberle’s “Voices Carry” charity Gala with 300+ attendees, alongside DJ Bonics, Joe Grushecky, Melinda Colaizzi, Ashley Marina, and The Clarks, Carnegie Science Center's Fourth of July festival atop the USS Requin submarine, Pittsburgh's Market Square, and in many other local venues. She also recently appeared on Saturday Light Brigade for a radio interview and live acoustic set with Larry Berger. Everest has been writing music and playing guitar her entire life, and has hundreds of original songs and covers at the ready to perform.

Outside of rocking, Everest is a prolific writer and actor who authored, produced, directed, and accompanied her own original musical, The Canary in the Coal Mine. She recently starred as Veronica in Heathers, Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice, and Mimi in Rent.


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